Alice Lane Lloyd

Alice is a graduate of University of Maryland. Alice’s career has carried her from New York to Miami to a quick year in Sweden and back to her hometown of Easton Maryland. A renaissance woman of many talents and interests, her career journey has spanned many different fields. Alice has been a part of several boards to include the Maryland State Board of Tourism and the Easton Business Alliance. Alice currently owns and operates several successful businesses under the umbrella of Hambleton House LLC, the business she and her husband created 12 years ago.

A graduate of the Nutritional Therapy Association, Alice is a certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner enjoying her thriving health practice, Nutritional Lifestyling with Alice. Working with individuals, groups and families, Alice helps her clients understand how to incorporate more nutrient dense foods into their lifestyle. She also owns and oversees a boutique hotel accredited with many awards over the last decade, Bartlett Pear Inn. Eagle’s Cafe is her most recent endeavor, a public golf course cafe and events center, located at the Talbot County Hog Neck Golf Course in Easton Maryland. When she is not working, she loves being with her kids, sitting (napping) on the beach, knitting, reading Outlander (all 10,000 pages), walking her dog Charlie, practicing yoga, studying nutrition, cooking, fermenting, pickling, baking, stewing, crock-potting and eating all kids of foods. Whew!

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